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Services That Our Company Can Provide


  We can determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. These techniques include removing dead or weak limbs that pose a hazard or may lead to decay. Removing branches, or thinning, to increase light penetration and improving the shape or silhouette of the tree.

 We can create a better structure to lessen wind resistance and reduce the potential for storm damage. All though tree removal is the last resort. We can help you decide if the tree should be removed. We also have the skill, the equipment, and safety training to efficiently remove the trees. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on other trees, homes and other structures or cars. The weight of storm damage trees is great, and can be dangerous to remove or trim. Our Company can assist in performing the job in a safe manner, while reducing further risk of damage to your property.

 Alford Tree Service can provide preventive maintenance to keep your trees in good health, which will help the trees better defend itself against insect and disease by micro-injecting products to help better the tree. We can do cabling or bracing for added support to weak limb attachment.



Other Services That We Can Provide



Stump Removal & Stump Grinding 

Tree Care Maintenance Programs

Lot & Land Clearing

Tree Planting

Emergency Tree Care

Planning To Build ... We Can Help With Picking The Trees That Are To Stay And Protect Them While Construction Takes Place

Leaf Removal





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